Become an Image Contributor to Australian Stock Images

One thing no client has ever said to a photographer is "You know that great digital image you have hiding away on your hard drive, can we please license that."

This is what the Australian Stock Images website is all about. An outlet for photographers to sell all the great images they have on their hard drives that they can't see a use for because they either selected the best aerial image that had the perfect angle, but what about the other 5 that are still just as good. Or the landscape image that had a great sky but the sky 10 minutes after was nuts and that's the one on your website and we want the one 10 minutes before that could be making you money and clients happy.

Below are some details about what we will offer you if your interested please get in contact at info @ in your email to us please include a link to where we can view your work / website.


Does it cost to join Australian Stock Images and Video (ASI) ?

No there is no cost associated to be with ASI. However, this doesn’t mean that your photos will be automatically accepted. We accept image submissions from photographers whose images are professionally taken and edited, you don't, however, need to be a professional photographer to be part of ASI.

What does ‘royalty free’ mean?

Royalty-free means that a buyer does not need to pay further royalties to the artist once the initial licence has been paid for. However, there are some limits to how the Basic Licence can be used. If a buyer requires greater freedom, a range of Additional Licences can be purchased.

So who owns the copyright on my images?

You will always hold full copyright of your images at all times. We are just paying you a percentage of the license fee when your images are licensed by a customer / client.

How much will you make as a photographer on ASI ?

We take a minimum of $5 per sale or 20% whichever is greater. The $5 minimum is to cover us for smaller image sales for the image storage processing and fee charges associated with the sale with credit card companies and PayPal.

How much will you be charging for images?

All of the photographs in our collection have the same simple price structure, photo prices vary depending on the size purchased. The images cost between $10 to $150 for a Basic Licence and $450 for an Extended License and $880 for Exclusive License image sale.

What is an ‘Extended License’ ?

An Extended License is what a customer is required to pay if your image is being used to create a product that is for financial gain such as a poster, t-shirt, greeting card, business logo.

What is an ‘Exclusive License’ ?

An exclusive license of an image is where at the time of purchase the customer then owns the copyright of the image. When submitting these images you will be required to sign a guarantee that is supplied with the image that the photo has never been sold or licensed or used by anyone or any company. Customers pay $880 for an Exclusive License and the image is removed from our website for sale. Once payment has been accepted they can do what ever they like with the image as they are now the owner.

Do you offer exclusive image license ?

Australian Stock Images & Video is a royalty-free image library and we do not manage licensing for rights managed images. Exclusive usage is offered on the website where the customer can purchase the image on the website for $880. As the photographer, you agree that the images have never been used in any online or printed manner and that once the image sells it will never be used or sold by you. Once the purchase of the images made on the website it will be removed from our library.

Can I contribute my shots elsewhere?

Yes, you can for your Royalty Free images. To sell your images as Exclusive rights on the website they need to be Exclusive to the ASI website. As this way there isn't the possibility of the image being sold twice.

Are there specific images/subjects you are looking for?

We want images that will resonate with people throughout the diverse, eclectic country that is Australia. Images that capture your city, your suburb, your country town. We want photos of anything you are passionate about. Pictures of pastimes, people, objects, transport and places. We want images of the magnificent. We want insights into the insignificant. We are looking for images that capture your Australian story.

What’s a model release? How am I going to find people to take pictures of?

We offer our contributors support material such as model release forms and other resources and will be here to support you if you need it. The best models are people that you know your family, friends, neighbours or local small business. Many people are willing to have photos taken of them if they receive a copy of the images in return. Is there a minimum number of images I need to submit? Before your profile is made public and your images available for sale, we require you to have a minimum of 25 approved images in your collection.

Do I need to regularly update my profile with more images?

We want our collection to always be growing, offering our customers fresh perspectives on authentic Australian life and so we ask that contributors continue to add images to the library. In doing so, customers will become familiar with their work and potentially consider them for any bespoke needs.

Can I remove my images at any time?

Yes. Images can be removed from the Australian Stock Images & Video library, removal requests will be processed within 7 days of receiving notification.

Do I need to submit all image sizes?

No. All we need is your master tiff file of the image. The image is uploaded and the website handles all the resizing at the time of purchase.

Will there be checks for model and property releases?

Yes. We will be checking model and property release forms for every image. If a release form is not valid or incomplete the image will not be accepted into our collection.

Are there resources available for photographers to check their obligations with regards to model and property release?

We have a collection of fact sheets available for download with more detailed information around model/property release for the use in stock photography. The Arts Law Centre of Australia is also an excellent resource for photographers when it comes to more detailed release information. Visit their website, email or call (02) 9356 2566 for up to date legal advice and information.

Image removal by Australian Stock Images and image submission ?

Any images that does not meet our file size or quality criteria will not be added to the website. All images supplied where approprite needs to have model and property releases signed and provided at the image of image submission as a PDF document.

What are Australian Stock Images and Video’s response to inappropriate usage of licensed imagery?

If we discover or inappropriate use of one of our licensed images is brought to our attention, every effort will be made to recoup any losses to the artist. We will also endeavour to end licensing images to particular individuals and organisations who breach our usage agreement. The offending customer's details will be supplied to you for further action that you deem appropriate. Will, there be a record of my sales, how do I keep track of what images are sold? Yes. Once the library is live for sales a summary of sales will be available within your account. This will track which images have sold and in what resolution. It will also tally the remuneration of sales.

Will you supply me with a sales summary for tax return purposes?

Yes. A tax summary will be available on your profile page. Do I need an ABN? Yes. For us to license and sell images on your behalf we require a valid ABN. If no ABN is supplied legally the ATO requires us to withhold 50% of your income as tax.

Do I need to be registered for GST?

As part of the arrangement between Australian Stock Images & Video and the photographer, Australian Stock Images & Video will generate the relevant tax invoices for each particular sale and commission charged, relieving the photographer of such duties. It is the responsibility of each photographer to check their GST reporting obligations with their respective accountant/tax adviser. Australian Stock Images & Video is not liable for providing any GST advice to a photographer.