Exclusive Rights Ownership of Image

On the Australian Stock Images website, we offer customers the ability to purchase images that have never been used privately or commercially by the photographer or anyone. Giving you the opportunity to acquire an image that you can use any way you like as at the time of purchase and payment you become the full intellectual copyright owner of the image.

New Zealand

The photographer supplying the image for Exclusive Rights Ownership will provide you with a signed declaration saying the image has not been used in any way and that when you use this image it will be the first time it has been seen outside of this website. The image displayed on this website has been permanently watermarked as well.

Once purchased the image is removed off the website and can only be accessed by you via your online account for download. At your request, we can even delete the image off our database as you are now the owner of it.

The Exclusive Rights Ownership of an image is $880 AUD.