How to prepare your images for Australian Stock Images

To upload and supply images to the Australian Stock Images (ASI) website the following image requirements need to be followed.

1. The ASI website accepts images in the following aspect ratio. 1 : 1 , 3 : 2 , 2 : 3 (Vertical) , 2 : 1, 2.4 :  1 , 3 : 1 , 1 : 3 (Vertical), 4 : 1, 5 : 1. If the aspect ratio is incorrect the website will decline the upload and tell you the reason and you will need to open your image in Photoshop and crop the image to the correct aspect ratio. Ensure you do a ratio crop, not a pixel crop. Most times it will only need minor cropping.

2. Your file needs to be your master edited print file at a minimum dpi of 240 in either Pro Photo RGB or Adobe RGB and in either .tiff or .psd file at 8 bit. The website will accept 16 bit files, but this is unnecessary and for file size reasons 8 bit is best to upload for storage and upload speed to the servers. The website handles all resizing of the files at the time of purchase based off the master print file that has been uploaded. You can at any time re-upload the master print file to the server.

3. All files need to be flattened and any additional alpha channels need to be deleted. If you upload images with additional alpha channels you will see that the image uploaded preview does not look correct, so re-open your image in Photoshop and remove these channels, save and re-upload. These channels are commonly created as part of luminosity masking. Your files should only have the following four channels RGB, Red, Green, Blue.

4. The ASI website will automatically assign an image code for your uploaded image, so when saving your image for the site choose a code or name of the file that means something to you and your current system. In your "Photographers Admin" you will see your uploaded images code that you assigned and the code the ASI website has assigned to it.


1. Your images will appear on the ASI website watermarked. This is dynamically added by the website and does not appear on the master print file or the file created for clients. The watermark is there to protect the image from people saving the image off the website and using it illegally.

2. The file you uploaded cannot be accessed by ASI and the image sits on our servers encrypted.

3. You as the image owner can download your master print file at any time from the ASI servers from your "Photographer Admin". Just in case you need it.

4. The image you upload will enter the chosen location and category you select. Once approved it will be visible in those categories as the most recent image that has been uploaded. No images are given preferential positioning.

5. You can remove any images from the website anytime you want from your "Photographer Admin". If your image has been licensed that image will be removed from the server for anyone else to license though will remain for that client to access the file size purchased.

6. We do not give out details of clients who have purchased your image for licensing.