What size digital image should or do I need to purchase ?

When it comes to paying money for stock images the last thing you want to do is to buy the wrong sized image for your online or printed project.



For online presentation of images on a website, one thing to consider is Retina display. While it is hard to cater for everyone with high definition screens is good to understand what sized images you need for images to display crisp and sharp on all or most screens.

For an ipad / table your looking at wanting images full screen width at 2000 + pixels wide. This would be our WEB Large option.

For your iMac / Pc Desktops your looking at wanting images with at least 4000 pixels wide. This would be our WEB X Large option.

Though keep in mind that these pixel sizes are for the images being large on the website. If there for a blog and fitting within a narrower column then a smaller size is needed. It is always best to work with more pixels than less.

Common sizes for your social media banners are:
Linked In - The new recommended size is 1584 wide by 396 high. This is exactly 4:1 proportion. (For more information on sizes please visit this online source)

Facebook - There are a lot of different sizes. Too many to mention this resource will assist you in finding the right size for the look your after. (online source)


When it comes to printing all our images are supplied at 300 dpi the industry standard. When printing you need to consider your page width and also the bleed as well which is usually about 5mm extra the image needs to be for when it is printed and trimmed. So always best to make sure the image your selecting will cover your page width and bleed.

Due to the high resolution and size of our images, they can also be zoomed in and cropped so take this into consideration when planning the images for your project as purchasing a larger file will allow you to zoom in more without compromising the quality of the final printed image.

For large scale projects like kitchen splashbacks and wall papers we recommend purchasing the Master Print File as this is the original file that we have and there is no better quality file if you're looking for the best possible result.