Photo Upload Specifications

The following is a guide line to help photographers prepare their images for upload to the Australian Stock Images website. Your images need to be the following and will show the following errors if incorrect.

1. File format needs to be either TIFF or PSD. Due to the website offering high-resolution print files .jpeg images will not be accepted as the master file.

2. Please make sure your images are flattened and saved as 8 bit files. There is no need to supply 16 bit files.

3. Images need to be in either ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB colour space (sRGB will be accepted but please try and edit in either ProPhoto or Adobe RGB).  Images with custom colour profiles will appear dull in colour on the website and will need to be assigned either a Pro Photo or Adobe RGB colour space in Photoshop and re-uploaded.

Aspect Ratio Error

4. Uploaded images need to be correctly cropped to the aspect ratio they are indented to be ie 3:1, 4:1 etc. If the image is not at the correct ratio within a few pixels the image will be rejected (as pictured above in red text) and the file will need to be cropped in photoshop and re-uploaded.

Image Uploaded with Mask

5. Uploaded images need to be free of additional channels aside from the RGB, Red, Green and Blue. If your uploaded image appears to look strange (see above screenshot) 99% of the time it will be because an additional alpha channel is in the channel section of the image. Mostly due to masking at the time of editing. Re open the image in Photoshop and delete the channel, save and re-upload.