Newcastle, NSW

Welcome to the Newcastle Stock Images page. We have a wide collection of local landscape, stunning aerial and surf photography just waiting for your next web and print project. Our collection of Newcastle photos starts at Nobbys Beach and takes in the lighthouse, Newcastle Beach and Ocean Baths, the Bogey Hole, Bar Beach to Dixon Park to Merewether and down to Redhead and Lake Macquarie.

All our images are available for immediate download after purchase, are high resolution and perfect for your next print and web project. All images have been professionally captured and edited.

Redhead Beach Australia Day ASI0002020

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0002003

Maitland ASI0001928

Stocken Sand Dunes ASI0001930

Stockton Sand Dunes ASI0001931

Stockton Sand Dunes ASI0001932

Maitland ASI0001933

Maitland ASI0001934

Maitland ASI0001935

Nobbys Beach ASI0001784

Nobbys Breakwall ASI0001738

Bar Beach Surfers ASI0001726

Nobbys Beach ASI0001725

Dixon Park Beach ASI0001724

Bar Beach ASI0001723

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001673

Bogey Hole ASI0001647

Canoe Pool ASI0001646

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001638

Newcastle to Merewether ASI0001637

Bar Beach ASI0001621

Bar Beach ASI0001579

Dixon Park Beach to Merewether ASI0001578

Redhead Beach ASI0001577

Bar Beach ASI0001576

Merewether Surfers ASI0001575

Bar Beach ASI0001574

Nobbys Beach ASI0001573

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001460

Newcastle Beach ASI0001572

Swansea Boats ASI0001571

Swansea Boats ASI0001570

Valentine Boats ASI0001569

Canoe Pool to Newcastle Beach ASI0001568

Bar Beach ASI0001567

Cowrie Hole to Nobbys Beach ASI0001566

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001565

Nobbys Beach ASI0001564

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001563

Dolphin Pod - Merewether ASI0001562

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0001535

Nobby Beach Archways ASI0001538

Canoe Pool ASI0001547

Nobbys Beach ASI0001546

Dixon Park Beach ASI0001545

Dixon Park Beach ASI0001544

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001543

Nobbys Beach ASI0001542

Canoe Pool ASI0001541

Bogey Hole ASI0001540

Bar Beach ASI0001539

Nobbys Beach ASI0001537

Newcastle Beach ASI0001536

Redhead Beach ASI0001502

Redhead Beach ASI0001501

Merewether Beach ASI0001499

Cowrie Hole ASI0001498

Canoe Pool ASI0001497

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001496

Merewether Beach ASI0001494

Carrington ASI0001473

Valentine Boats ASI0001458

Nobbys Lighthouse ASI0001457

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001451

Newcastle Baths Pumphouse ASI0001450

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001449

Canoe Pool ASI0001448

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0001447

Newcastle Beach ASI0001446

Merewether Ocean Baths Blocks ASI0001445

Nobbys Beach ASI0001444

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001443

Redhead Beach ASI0001442

Dixon Park Beach ASI0001441

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001429

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001428

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001427

Bar Beach ASI0001425

Bar Beach ASI0001424

Carrington ASI0001421

Canoe Pool ASI0001405

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0001404

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001403

Newcastle Beach Wave ASI0001402

Merewether Beach ASI0001401

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001387

Nobbys Beach ASI0001386

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001385

Nobbys Beach ASI0001384

Newcastle Beach Canoe Pool ASI0001383

Newcastle Baths ASI0001382

Lone Surfer ASI0001381

Nobbys Beach ASI0001380

Canoe Pool ASI0001379

Newcastle Beach Surfers ASI0001378

Redhead Beach ASI0001377

Nobbys Beach ASI0001376

Bar Beach ASI0001375

Canoe Pool ASI0001374

Newcastle Beach ASI0001373

Newcastle Beach ASI0001371

Canoe Pool ASI0001370

Canoe Pool ASI0001369

Merewether Beach ASI0001360

Merewether Surfers ASI0001358

Pasha Bulker ASI0001357

Bar Beach Summer ASI0001352

Nobbys Beach ASI0001351

King Edward Park to Newcastle Beach ASI0001350

Newcastle Beach ASI0001349

Surfers ASI0001348

Wave Rider ASI0001347

Newcastle Baths Pump House ASI0001346

Nobbys Beach ASI0001345

Merewether Baths ASI0001344

Nobbys Beach ASI0001343

Bogey Hole ASI0001342

Newcastle ASI0001339

Newcastle ASI0001338

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0001332

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001328

Nobbys Lighthouse ASI0001326

Newcastle Beach ASI0001299

Bar Beach ASI0001298

Bar Beach ASI0001286

Nobbys Beach ASI0001282

Bar Beach ASI0001279

Merewether Baths ASI0001278

Nobbys Beach ASI0001277

Ocean Blues ASI0001276

Canoe Pool ASI0000354

Ocean Sunrise ASI0001269

Merewether Paddle Boarder ASI0001268

Cowrie Hole - Nobbys ASI0001267

Bar Beach ASI0001265

Bar Beach ASI0001258

Nobbys Beach ASI0001257

Bar Beach ASI0001256

Redhead Beach Shark Tower ASI0001255

Newcastle Ocean Baths Pump House ASI0001250

Cowrie Hole - Nobbys ASI0001249

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0001248

Dixon Park Beach ASI0001247

Bar Beach ASI0001246

Newcastle Beach ASI0001245

Redhead Beach ASI0001115

Nobbys Beach ASI0001112

Dixon Park Beach ASI0001111

Bogey Hole ASI0001110

Bar Beach SLSC ASI0001109

Newcastle Baths ASI0001105

Redhead Beach ASI0001092

Redhead Beach ASI0001090

Merewether Paddle Boarder ASI0001087

Canoe Pool ASI0001086

Bar Beach ASI0001078

Bar Beach ASI0001077

Bogey Hole ASI0001076

Redhead Beach ASI0001065

Canoe Pool ASI0001061

Bar Beach ASI0001060

Bogey Hole ASI0001059

Redhead Beach ASI0001048

Newcastle Beach Surfer ASI0000888

Bar Beach ASI0000882

Newcastle ASI0000881

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0000877

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0000864

Nobbys Beach ASI0000823

Canoe Pool ASI0000815

Bar Beach Cloudscape ASI0000766

Bar Beach ASI0000764

Bar Beach ASI0000759

Dixon Park Beach ASI0000758

Bar Beach ASI0000757

Redhead Shark Tower ASI0000756

Merewether Surfer ASI0000755

Westpac Rescue ASI0000754

Newcastle ASI0000753

Dixon Park Beach Walkway ASI0000752

Dixon Park Beach ASI0000751

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0000750

Bar Beach ASI0000749

Redhead Beach ASI0000748

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0000747

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0000746

Cowrie Hole ASI0000745

Stockton Sand Dunes ASI0000744

Bar Beach ASI0000743

Nobbys Beach ASI0000742

Bar Beach ASI0000741

Nobbys Lighthouse ASI0000740

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0000739

Nobbys Beach ASI0000738

Newcastle Beach ASI0000737

Newcastle Baths ASI0000736

Newcastle Beach ASI0000735

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0000734

Pasha Bulker ASI0000533

Merewether Beach ASI0000386

Nobbys Beach ASI0000385

Bicycle and Surfer ASI0000384

Westpac Rescue Helicopter ASI0000383

Westpac Rescue Helicopter ASI0000382

Westpac Rescue Helicopter ASI0000381

Bar Beach ASI0000380

Bogey Hole ASI0000379

Nobbys Beach ASI0000356

Redhead Beach ASI0000355

Bar Beach ASI0000353

Newcastle Beach ASI0000352

Merewether to Dixon Park ASI0000351

Stockton Beach ASI0000350

Newcastle Beach ASI0000349

Nobbys Breakwall ASI0000348

Bogey Hole ASI0000347

Sygna Wreck ASI0000346

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0000345

Newcastle ASI0000344

Nobbys Beach ASI0000343

Dixon Park Beach ASI0000342

Redhead Beach ASI0000341

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0000340

Bar Beach ASI0000339

Newcastle Baths ASI0000338

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI0000337

Merewether Baths ASI0000336

Stockton Sygna Wreck ASI0000296

Canoe Pool ASI0000295

Bar Beach SLSC ASI0000294

Newcastle Beach ASI0000293

Newcsatle Baths ASI0000292

Stockton Beach ASI0000291

Nobbys Beach ASI0000290

Fred Ash Building ASI0000289

Nobbys Beach ASI0000210

Newcastle Baths ASI0000209

Valentine ASI0000208

Bar Beach SLSC ASI0000207

Bar Beach Surfers ASI0000206

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI0000205

Pasha Bulker ASI0000204

Nobbys Beach ASI0000203

Canoe Pool ASI0000202

Nobbys Beach ASI0000024

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