Newcastle, NSW

Welcome to the Newcastle Stock Images page. We have a wide collection of local landscape, stunning aerial and surf photography just waiting for your next web and print project. Our collection of Newcastle photos starts at Nobbys Beach and takes in the lighthouse, Newcastle Beach and Ocean Baths, the Bogey Hole, Bar Beach to Dixon Park to Merewether and down to Redhead and Lake Macquarie.

All our images are available for immediate download after purchase, are high resolution and perfect for your next print and web project. All images have been professionally captured and edited.

Bogey Hole ASI102287

Canoe Pool ASI102286

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI102296

Newcastle to Merewether ASI102298

Bar Beach ASI102247

Bar Beach ASI101846

Dixon Park Beach to Merewether ASI101858

Redhead Beach ASI101857

Bar Beach ASI101865

Merewether Surfers ASI101875

Bar Beach ASI101923

Nobbys Beach ASI101924

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI102056

Newcastle Beach ASI101896

Swansea Boats ASI101903

Swansea Boats ASI101901

Valentine Boats ASI101897

Canoe Pool to Newcastle Beach ASI101887

Bar Beach ASI101892

Cowrie Hole to Nobbys Beach ASI101907

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101919

Nobbys Beach ASI101921

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101913

Dolphin Pod - Merewether ASI101909

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI101843

Nobby Beach Archways ASI101849

Canoe Pool ASI101863

Nobbys Beach ASI101862

Dixon Park Beach ASI101861

Dixon Park Beach ASI101864

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101879

Nobbys Beach ASI101837

Canoe Pool ASI101838

Bogey Hole ASI101851

Bar Beach ASI101850

Nobbys Beach ASI101847

Newcastle Beach ASI101844

Redhead Beach ASI102089

Redhead Beach ASI102088

Merewether Beach ASI101918

Cowrie Hole ASI101906

Canoe Pool ASI101905

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101995

Merewether Beach ASI102033

Carrington ASI102030

Valentine Boats ASI101898

Nobbys Lighthouse ASI101908

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI102001

Newcastle Baths Pumphouse ASI101999

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI102002

Canoe Pool ASI102015

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI101866

Newcastle Beach ASI101868

Merewether Ocean Baths Blocks ASI101869

Nobbys Beach ASI101880

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101854

Redhead Beach ASI101856

Dixon Park Beach ASI101872

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101996

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101997

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101998

Bar Beach ASI102023

Bar Beach ASI102014

Carrington ASI102031

Canoe Pool ASI101842

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI101860

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101874

Newcastle Beach Wave ASI101886

Merewether Beach ASI101941

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101876

Nobbys Beach ASI101853

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI101870

Nobbys Beach ASI101871

Newcastle Beach Canoe Pool ASI101915

Newcastle Baths ASI101873

Lone Surfer ASI101889

Nobbys Beach ASI101881

Canoe Pool ASI101882

Newcastle Beach Surfers ASI101899

Redhead Beach ASI101900

Nobbys Beach ASI101935

Bar Beach ASI101891

Canoe Pool ASI101904

Newcastle Beach ASI101949

Newcastle Beach ASI100630

Canoe Pool ASI100666

Canoe Pool ASI100665

Merewether Beach ASI101026

Merewether Surfers ASI101205

Pasha Bulker ASI101275

Bar Beach Summer ASI101883

Nobbys Beach ASI101878

King Edward Park to Newcastle Beach ASI101893

Newcastle Beach ASI101911

Surfers ASI101910

Wave Rider ASI101942

Newcastle Baths Pump House ASI101912

Nobbys Beach ASI101925

Merewether Baths ASI101916

Nobbys Beach ASI101929

Bogey Hole ASI101914

Newcastle ASI101947

Newcastle ASI101948

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI101155

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI100613

Nobbys Lighthouse ASI100587

Newcastle Beach ASI101940

Bar Beach ASI101934

Bar Beach ASI100653

Nobbys Beach ASI101937

Bar Beach ASI101945

Merewether Baths ASI101946

Nobbys Beach ASI101944

Ocean Blues ASI101486

Canoe Pool ASI100667

Ocean Sunrise ASI101943

Merewether Paddle Boarder ASI101939

Cowrie Hole - Nobbys ASI101841

Bar Beach ASI101840

Bar Beach ASI101936

Nobbys Beach ASI101930

Bar Beach ASI101885

Redhead Beach Shark Tower ASI101884

Newcastle Ocean Baths Pump House ASI101926

Cowrie Hole - Nobbys ASI100636

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI100632

Dixon Park Beach ASI100663

Bar Beach ASI100646

Newcastle Beach ASI100651

Redhead Beach ASI101679

Nobbys Beach ASI100694

Dixon Park Beach ASI100684

Bogey Hole ASI100678

Bar Beach SLSC ASI100670

Newcastle Baths ASI101156

Redhead Beach ASI101680

Redhead Beach ASI101682

Merewether Paddle Boarder ASI101697

Canoe Pool ASI101696

Bar Beach ASI101482

Bar Beach ASI101499

Bogey Hole ASI101498

Redhead Beach ASI101693

Canoe Pool ASI101691

Bar Beach ASI101689

Bogey Hole ASI101690

Redhead Beach ASI101681

Newcastle Beach Surfer ASI101054

Bar Beach ASI101152

Newcastle ASI101159

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI101154

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI100635

Nobbys Beach ASI100608

Canoe Pool ASI101150

Bar Beach Cloudscape ASI101483

Bar Beach ASI101479

Bar Beach ASI101153

Dixon Park Beach ASI100692

Bar Beach ASI100640

Redhead Shark Tower ASI100664

Merewether Surfer ASI100673

Westpac Rescue ASI100688

Newcastle ASI101028

Dixon Park Beach Walkway ASI101487

Dixon Park Beach ASI101027

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI101151

Bar Beach ASI100671

Redhead Beach ASI100627

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI100617

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI100626

Cowrie Hole ASI100624

Stockton Sand Dunes ASI100605

Bar Beach ASI100668

Nobbys Beach ASI100858

Bar Beach ASI100675

Nobbys Lighthouse ASI100583

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI100620

Nobbys Beach ASI100638

Newcastle Beach ASI100658

Newcastle Baths ASI100588

Newcastle Beach ASI100634

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI100625

Pasha Bulker ASI101276

Merewether Beach ASI100695

Nobbys Beach ASI100693

Bicycle and Surfer ASI100691

Westpac Rescue Helicopter ASI100690

Westpac Rescue Helicopter ASI100687

Westpac Rescue Helicopter ASI100689

Bar Beach ASI100682

Bogey Hole ASI100679

Nobbys Beach ASI100642

Redhead Beach ASI100661

Bar Beach ASI100647

Newcastle Beach ASI100589

Merewether to Dixon Park ASI100610

Stockton Beach ASI100607

Newcastle Beach ASI100602

Nobbys Breakwall ASI100586

Bogey Hole ASI100597

Sygna Wreck ASI100592

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI100633

Newcastle ASI100648

Nobbys Beach ASI100616

Dixon Park Beach ASI100631

Redhead Beach ASI100596

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI100612

Bar Beach ASI100619

Newcastle Baths ASI100659

Newcastle Ocean Baths ASI100660

Merewether Baths ASI100652

Stockton Sygna Wreck ASI100579

Canoe Pool ASI100623

Bar Beach SLSC ASI100622

Newcastle Beach ASI100645

Newcsatle Baths ASI100618

Stockton Beach ASI100584

Nobbys Beach ASI100582

Fred Ash Building ASI100580

Nobbys Beach ASI100637

Newcastle Baths ASI100639

Valentine ASI100656

Bar Beach SLSC ASI100674

Bar Beach Surfers ASI100676

Merewether Ocean Baths ASI100629

Pasha Bulker ASI100601

Nobbys Beach ASI100599

Canoe Pool ASI100581

Nobbys Beach ASI100594

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